Počeci gravitacionih betonskih brana – drugi deo

Autor: Petrović Petar S.


(ne postoji na srpskom)
Although, according to current knowledge, the first dams were constructed of earth, sand and stone about five thousand years ago, the first concrete gravity dam was built in just 139 years ago. The number of dams being built is increasing. It is assumed that there are more than 500 thousand dams in the world today, of which more than 45 000 are large dams. The beginning of the theory of elasticity and giving instructions for the design and calculation of masonry stone dams, were in the nineteen century. During this time debates were made about the stresses, but not about the deformations. Uplift was introduced as a load, but this was not the case with load due to horizontal earthquake acceleration. In this paper, in two parts, for the first time in the literature, basic information about the beginnings of concrete gravity dams constructed with Portland cement as a binder are presented. The paper covers the period until 1900 with a brief description and photos of 21 dams, the author of this article could find in the literature.



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